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Address changes is very important.  For Debit Card users this is a must.  If our records are not correct we may be unable to stop potentially fraudulent charges.


You may have heard about the recent security breach at Target stores. This has affected stores all across the country.  Visa investigations notified us of the cards owned by our customers that could have been stolen during the breach.  This included the cards that we issue only. We acted quickly in contacting those customers. We completed working this breach and all of our affected customers agreed to close potentially compromised cards.  That was a good choice and we appreciate everyone's cooperation.

We have no reason to expect anything but more of the same as we move forward.  Stay alert to your account charges. Keep us informed.  We will continue to use all of the monitoring systems that are available to us to help protect you. 

Scam and Fraud Alert

Please be aware of many attempts to take advantage of you and your family. We post some of these in this area and hope you will take time to look thru this information. Please be careful with your confidential financial information, account numbers, social security, etc.

For Lost or Stolen Debit Cards Reporting, Please use one of the following numbers;
During business hours call us at 580-228-2326
You may also call 800-523-4175 to report lost or stolen cards.

For Information on our EFT disclosures and Security while using our online Banking system, please go to our links page.
Also watch for important information that we post below.

 We have added a service to monitor for potentially fraudulent transactions using your debit card. You may receive a call asking you to verify if a recent purchase was authorized. The caller will identify themselves as being with First Farmers National Bank and WILL NOT ASK for any personal financial information.  This new service is to monitor for potential fraudulent activity. You will only need to respond if the transaction was or was not authorized. If you receive a call asking for any personal information, account number, full social security number, etc. Hang up and notify us.  Go to our "links" page for additional information.

First Farmers National Bank

Again Rated 5 Stars by the independent agency --Bauer Financial.  Strong and Safe, ready to meet the needs of our Customers.  We want to be your bank.

The Go Local campaign is about doing business locally. Whenever possible, keep your business local. Shopping locally is good for your community and benefits you as well. Banking with a community bank like First Farmers also benefits you.  Better service at Lower costs.  Let us show you how much better banking can be.